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This site has been created by The Scottish Fisheries Coordination Centre (SFCC), a representative organisation for Fisheries Trusts and Boards in Scotland which promotes and facilitates the collection of fisheries data for fisheries management purposes.  We have created a free online angling diary that will bring many benefits to the angler who wants to record their catches of freshwater fish in the UK. In return, partners of the SFCC would like to make use of your diary records to better understand the fisheries that they are responsible for.

 Why an online diary?

 benefitsThe SFCC angling diary utilises all of the benefits of the digital age and the world wide web.  It offers you the ability to save your angling records (including pictures) securely, instantly retrieve them, analyse the results, share them with other anglers (if you want to) and look at them on an interactive map. There is even a blog with fishing reports for many fishing areas.

Think of some simple questions about your past fishing. How many fish did you catch 10 years ago? What year did you catch your first 20 pounder?  What is the name of the loch where you caught that monster trout? Using our online diary would allow you to answer these sorts of questions with just a few mouse clicks.

Unique to this site is the level of detail that you can record about your catches. This will also help you to analyse your catches in years to come and is also vital for our research.  By accurately filling in your angling diary, you will help to improve the quality and quantity of information that fisheries managers have available to manage your fishery.

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